Friday, March 6, 2009

Cigamate Outdoor Cigar & Cigarette Ashtrays: Wholesale & Dropship Sales

CIGAMATE Portable Outdoor Ashtray – a new wholesale/drop ship eco-friendly outdoor living product that has some really cool features unlike any other outdoor standing ashtray! Look at the animated image to your right to see it in action. Cigamate portable outdoor ash receptacles are available in two stylish colors, Adobe Beige and Cigar Brown.

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Cigamate portable, decorative outdoor ashtrays keep smoking areas clean from unsightly cigar and cigarette litter. It effectively hides ashes from view, eliminate annoying odors, and prevents irritating ash from blowing into faces. Aren't people tired of bending over to have to pick up cigar or cigarette butts off their lawns? How about when cleaning up smokers' waste after your party or barbeque? Cigamate is the answer! Cigamate decorative outdoor smokless ashtrays, which are for outdoor use only, are simple and safe to use and is easy-to-clean and maintain.

Wholesale and Dropshipping
Cigamate outdoor standing ashtrays can be purchased at unbeatable wholesale drop ship prices. As a customer, you receive an exclusive low whole selling price that is offered only by Cigamate. Cigamate is a trusted drop shipping specialist. Let us drop ship your Cigamate portable outdoor cigar and cigarette receptacle inventory directly to your customer base, ensuring that repeat customers continue doing business with your store. Drop ship cost includes shipping. Container sales are available.

Clients have the opportunity to customize their order with pewter company or brand logo designs. Each Cigamate portable outdoor smokers' pole is professionally packaged in recycled cardboard containers, assembled and ready for immediate use.

If you're interested wholeselling Cigamate or becoming a drop shipping customer, please complete this contact form and a Cigamate wholesale department representative will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have questions about the Cigamate portable outdoor smokless ashtray or need assistance, please call 516.882.3110 or e-mail

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