Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cigamate Outdoor Ashtray Receptacle & Creator Featured in Long Island Business News

Cigamate’s creator Allan Bergfeld, president of IXImport, is featured in the April 10, 2009 edition of Long Island Business News. The story, written by Ambrose Clancy, titled, “Startups ignore the odds, gamble in bad economy,” highlights nine of the most confident and optimistic Long Islanders who’ve started businesses in a tough economy. Cigamate, the compact portable outdoor standing ashtray that collects cigar and cigarette waste, was launched two months ago.

Allan, who conceived and developed the revolutionary eco-friendly outdoor smokeless ashtray, said, “Instead of betting on someone else, I’m looking to put all the chips on me,” when asked why he took a risk during a bad economy. Also discussed; the product concept, marketing, and Allan’s pre-launch concerns.

The LIBN reporter reminds readers that companies such as Microsoft and FedEx (formerly Federal Express) were startups during the 1981-82 recession. He asks experts what they predict during the worst economic conditions since the 1930s. Their perspective is that it all, “depends on the business,” but they recommend that small business start ups should have enough to fund themselves for at least one year.

Allan is extremely positive he has a terrific niche product and is already receiveing great testimonials from Cigamate outdoor cigar and cigarette receptacle customers. Many retail stores are jumping at the opportunity to open wholesale or drop ship accounts with the company, and many more have expressed great interest.

Retail sales have also been impressive via the retail website, as well as through other online outlet stores where the product is sold. Cigamate outdoor ashtray retails for a low $39.99 and is shipped to U.S. customers for FREE! That's about twenty dollars cheaper than competing brands, and many competitors don’t even offer free shipping.

After two months of retail selling, the Cigar Brown colored model was an early favorite, but after a fast and furious run of sales in late March and early April, the Adobe Beige style is now leading the race as the more popular selling color of the two available portable outdoor ashtrays.

You can weigh in and comment below to tell us what Cigamate color you enjoy best.

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