Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cigamate Donates Outdoor Ashtrays to Cali Herf Cigar Party

Cigamate, the portable outdoor standing ashtray, was a sponsor of Doc's 3rd annual Central Coast Herf / 2nd Annual Modesto Herf. Cigamate donated two revolutionary compact outdoor ashtrays, which were used by guests and raffled off at the two-day cigar party. This year the Central Coast Herf joined their friends in Modesto, Calif., to throw the ultimate celebration herf at Doc’s Rancho on June 27 and 28, 2009.

“First, thanks for your generous contributions to my 3rd Central Coast Herf. What a success! We had 25 people from all over the state of California and as far as New Jersey and Panama! The guys who made this herf are core-level cigar enthusiasts and have a tremendous ability to promote products in their respective spheres of influence.”

– "Doc" David Diaz, StogieFresh.com; Central Coast Herf
(top photo, left - @Doc_StogieFresh on Twitter)

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to express my thanks for your support of Doc’s 3rd Annual Central Coast Herf / 2nd Annual Modesto Herf. Our event was a great success, and your generous support was a crucial part of this success, and I cannot thank you enough. The Cigamates were used by everyone in attendance, and we were all very impressed by how well they worked and how convenient they were to use!”
– Bill Berris, Modesto Herf
(top photo, right)

Cigamate portable outdoor ash receptacles can be purchased at Cigamate.com. If you're intested in wholesale or dropshipping sales, visit Cigamate.com/wholesale, e-mail info@IXImport.com, or call 516.804.8700.

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