Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cigamate Featured on Radio Show's Great New Camping Gear Segment

Listen To Radio Segment Here (MP3 Audio, 784KB)
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Cigamate portable outdoor ashtray was featured on Internet radio show “Opening Your Intuitive Eyes” on Tuesday, May 5, 2009, on Achieve Radio (AR) -- an Internet radio station that receives more than one million world-wide hits per month. The online show, hosted by Sherri Lee Devereau, kicked off the camping season by featuring great places for families to camp and the best new camping gifts and camping gear.

Prior to the show, Sherri was mailed a Cigamate portable outdoor standing ashtray to review and try out. In an e-mail to Cigamate, she wrote that she thought the cigar and cigarette butt receptacles “are great” and that she was “excited to talk about them with high recommendations on the show.” Another was sent to Sherri for auction to raise money to purchase Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for volunteer fire departments across the country. AEDs are timely, life-saving electronic devices.

On the show, Sherri began by reminding the audience how often we hear that a careless cigarette butt was the cause of a forest fire. "It always saddened me that so much land was burned...and wildlife, furry critters lost their lives in fires," she said. "Here is a great fix for that while you're out in the woods camping or even in your own yard. I really really like this thing. It's unique. It's easy to carry. I love it, so check it out."

The host continued, telling listeners "Cigamate is a new revolutionary, eco-friendly, compact outdoor ashtray that keeps the environment clean of smokers' litter. Cigamate portable outdoor ashtrays effectively keep outdoor smoking areas clean, keep unsightly cigarette or cigar waste hidden from view, eliminates annoying odors and prevents irritating ashes from blowing around."

Keep Cigamate outdoor smokess ashtrays in your backyard, on your patio, deck or porch; and thanks to its portable compact design and side handles, you can also take the standing ashtray with you to outdoor events, parties, barbeques, and other activities. Cigamate portable outdoor ash receptacle even has a textured table top for drinks, and two grooves to rest cigars or cigarettes on. With Father's Day coming up, this is an excellent gift for under $40 for cigar or cigarette smoking dads. So versatile, fathers can use it at home and bring it along with them when they go camping, fishing, tailgating, boating, hunting, or the beach!

The Cigamate outdoor receptacle sells for a low price of $39.99 each and is available in two decorative colors, Cigar Brown (left) and Adobe Beige (above right animation). Also receive FREE U.S. shipping. Cigamate is fire tested and is for outdoor use only. For more information and to make a retail purchase, visit or call 516.882.3110.

If you are interested in wholesale and dropship orders, e-mail, call 516.804.8700 or click here.

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